Friday, June 19, 2009

Inspiration Pictures

Well I thought I would share the pics I have saved in my 'Inspirational House Pics' Folder, or a few of them anyway...and give an explaination as to why I love them. Now, embarassingly, I downloaded them long before I ever dreamed of having my own blog, and I haven't got the links back to any of them. If you know where they came from, please let me know!

I love stripes, green, pink and coloured, painted furniture. The sofas are a great shape, and I also love the wood panelled walls.

I think this colour scheme is beautful, and the main house colour is top of my list when we paint our house,

Chartruse green...again!...and pinky-red, with plenty of white and vintage all together! I adore the phone, and the hit of modern with the Teknobili side table. The light is pretty special!

The eclectic mix here, the lovely tones and the stunning bedhead all get me with this one.

This image is much more grand...and well beyond the style that this home will ever be, but the shape of teh chair, and the combo of chocolate wood and white drew me in!
Now, the people have just arrived to install our shutters, so I better go and supervise!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


...again. I am still getting used to this bloggy thing! I don't have any afters, because its not finished yet, but here are some before and 'during' pics of the wall re-arranging.

You can see from the floorboards where the old wall used to be. The doorway is now much more open, and we have a lovely little alcove in the lounge, which we will wallpaper, and also hang a feature light in. It has power and phone lines there too, so will house a our phone, and one day, when all our bedrooms are being slept in, will be home to the laptop too.

The wall has been plastered now, but my phone won't talk to my computer so I can post a pic! Sorry.

Also, some sad news about the kitchen. Freedom kitchens - complete disaster. Had it all priced through a custom cabinet maker instead, but financially just not possible. We will Ikea it up a bit, improve the storage, make use of our lovely new wall, and save save save for a little while. Its does mean, however, that we can move forwrd with a few other things too!

And happy news...our plantation shutters have arrived, and we are just waiting for an installation date. YAY!