Saturday, February 28, 2009

I broke my promise!

I promised my husband that I wouldn't buy any furniture for the new house...until we lived there. With only 1.5 weeks to go, I broke my promise...oops.

For a long time we have needed new bedside tables. We currently have one of
these painted cream, on one side, and one of these in white on the other side...I hated my Rast so much I replaced it with a chair!

But we have just order these wonderful pieces of loveliness!

2 of them! Discovered via Belinda, I had dreamt about them, but was concerned the shipping would be too much! But just under $30...for both of them! They will be here in about 2 weeks...just in time for the big move! Excited!

Oh dear...

I can't remember my Flickr login details...and my alternative email address is not working. Do I sign up as a new user? I feel like that is wrong! Its driving me mad as I can't post any pictures here!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling lucky...

It is 1 month until settlement day. But I feel sad. Because there are many people out there who have lost everything, everything they love, cherish, have worked for, saved for, built, created. We spent all weekend trying to decide whether or not we should put a new roof on our house, while out there, people's roofs were all that was left. Its devastating, horrific, a complete nightmare. So far, all my friends and family and colleagues have been safe, but so many of them know people who have lost their homes. It's so far from us, yet so close. My husband and I have stopped thinking about what we can do to improve our new home this week. Instead we are deciding what we can give to help others rebuild their lives.