Saturday, January 24, 2009


Sorry, I've been bad! You see, my computer died (AGAIN!) argh, and it was my sister's Hen's night last night, and the wedding is tomorrow, so I have a little bit on at the moment! I have been majorly involved with both!

I used
Marthas Pompoms to decorate and they went down a treat! My sister is even wishing she could cancel the 2 huge bunches of flowers for their ceremony site, and decorate with these instead! Its a bit late!

But I will do a pic heavy post on it all when my computer comes back to life! Invites, decorations...and the lovely Hen herself!

In the midst of it all we went to the bank to sign some more documents for our new house...and dealt with complete moron. He looked at the paperwork that we needed him to witness like he had never seen mortgage documents before! GAH! Isn;t it his job to know all about that stuff! Seriously!

Better go...there is bridey stuff to do (like wash all the punch glasses from yesterday!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Urgh, what a 3rd post subject

Ok, so I can't belive I am writing about this in only my 3rd post, like its the most important thing ever! Its not really, but since we aren't really buying anything...except this!...before we move in, its really all I can post about for now. it is!


Thats right...a television! You see, our new lounge room is pretty small, and awkwardly laid out. And although I am not a huge fan of TV's on the wall...or TV's on display at all... its the only solution here. So we are getting a white one, with a built in DVD, so there are no other boxes, and hopefully the white will help it 'recede' a bit. Never mind the giant black square in the middle when its switched off!

We currently have our tv and stereo in a cabinet, and people often ask if we even have a television. There will be no hiding this beast though. The stereo on the other hand, is a bit of an issue. I think we will play CD's through the TV most of the time, and upgrade our stereo in the next 12 months... I have that picked out too. Guess the colour? Piano white!

Its the ONLY one I could find that was white. Seriously, who would have thought a white TV was such a bizarre concept. Black does not go with my decor! I can't be the only person in the world who feels this way?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why 'Making Limecello' I hear you ask?

Based on the saying 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. The global credit crunch was on, a recession was potentially approaching and house prices were falling. This was our chance to move to 'stage 2'. Leave 'stage 1' - a 2 bedroom townhouse in the west (now a renovated two and a half bedroom townhouse with private courtyard), move onwards and outwards. 'Stage 2' - a 3 bedroom weatherboard home on a subdivided block, in need of a major facelift!

Life gave us lemons, but I thought limes were more appropriate, because I love green and we have a gorgeous lime tree...And I prefer limecello to lemonade...its tasty!

The planting of a seed

Well, here I am. My first post! A bit of background first I suppose! My husband and I were coming to the end of a 5 year DIY renovation, looking forward to spending some quality time together, enjoying all our hard work and chillin' out. Then...madness struck! Why not use the lovely home as equity, and buy something else! So we did!

We currently live in Melbourne's west, about 9km from the city. Great location, improving suburb, close to amenities etc. One MAJOR problem. Our entire lives are based in the eastern, friends and work! And... our new house!
Here are some pics...there is plenty of work to do.

Prior to moving in, we will paint, paint, paint and paint. Walls, ceilings and floors! All white!