Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lights 'n' Chairs

Ok, so I have a whole lotta lights I love, and a whole lotta chairs I love, and I have to say it like that, because I love the song 'Whole Lotta Rosie' by AC/DC.

I think they all work together, but the styles vary quite a lot, and I was trying to figure out how to make them all work in our dining room, study nook and kitchen, without any one area seeming too industrial, too rustic, too cottage-y, too modern or too retro. And incorporating white, metal/stainless steel and dark wood tones!

BUT, it would seem, I have finally come up with a plan...and both Mr Limecello and I LOVE IT!

1. The white drum light (which we already have), and white slip-covered sofa (we have nearly finished paying our slip covers off, and will hopefully have them by the end of January) are the living room. I thought it was important to include them as a reference.

2. The Barbados light from Beacon Lighting is perfect for our study nook, as its a bit of a feature, but will soften all the hard edges and corners in the little area. The Bertoia chair (yes, it will be a replica) will add a little glam in stainless steel, and not dominate too much either...its a pretty small area!

3. The Lucient pendant from Click-On was the final piece of the puzzle, and I only spotted it this morning in the latest Home Beautiful. It will be just right over our dining table (the Liatorp), with the cross chairs (again, we already have these) and our dark wooden bench on the other side. The Tolix A Chair is one we have both loved for a long time, and will sit at the heads of our table (we keep it in its oval format). If we paint the dining area grey (which is pretty likely!) both the light and the end chairs will sit beautifully against the colour.

4. And finally the kitchen. We will hang 2 of these Foto shades over the wood topped island in the kitchen, and the Ghost stools (replicas again!) will bring a bit of 'fab' to the kitchen (stay tuned for an update on that plan too!)

We both love chandeliers too, so fortunately there is room for 2 of them in our hallway!

I am so happy just looking at the plan...I can't wait to make it happen...even if it takes a couple of years!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guess Where I am Going Tonight?

Hmm, probably not really worth a post, but I am going to Ikea tonight! I haven't been there since just after we moved into our house...9 months ago! That's a long time in my world! No interesting purchases intended (just one kitchen cabinet frame!), but that's not to say we won't come away with a haul of items.

We are going to do some investigations into benches for the (new!) entryway, beds (not sure about buying a bed from Ikea, but will have a look anyway!), sofa-beds, kitchen appliances (namely, their fully intergrated dishwasher!), kitchen door styles, sinks for the laundry...and kitchen and maybe some shelving too!

And have a good look at all the other fun things!

UPDATED POST VISIT: I have to say, I was a little disapointed. I don't know if it's because I see so much of it online, or because my taste is developing (just a little!) but it just wasn't the same. For the first time ever, I noticed some of the poor quality, and the fact that a lot of the whites weren't 'white' enough. Still plenty of good things though (lighting, storage, fabric etc), and we are pretty certain we will be getting an Ikea kitchen (but will go elsewhere for the dishwasher).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lovely New Blogs

Via Ada and Darcy , I have just found 2 (new to me) gorgeous blogs! Chek and Life at Number 10 are both great reads, full of pretty pictures and inspiration!

And while I am talking about other blogs, please head over to Pottering About, for pics of Rose's latest quilt...which I ADORE! It is gorgeous!!!

Hopefully some pics of our reno's to come soon - walls and ceiling are painted, first coat is down on the floors, and maybe some trims will get done this weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Benefits of running...

...early in the morning!

1. Seeing really beautiful wood doors (3 of them!!!!) by the side of the road.

2. Umm...sorry, thats the only benefit I can think of right now.

I am really hoping they are there when I go back tonight...I felt it was a little unfair to knock on someone's door (the one attached to the house, not the ones on the side of the road!) at 6.30am.

Might do a drive-by before work actually and see if I can squeeze them into my car!

UPDATED: They were gone by the time I drove past an hour later. It wasn't meant to be.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light and Dark...Dark Grey in fact!

After seeing these stunning pics over at A Life's Design, its confirmed. I am going to paint our dining room dark grey. All the white features pop so beautifully against it, and it will highlight our gorgeous shutters - plus seperate the room from the living room, and give it a little 'intimacy'. You can see the room here. Ooh I can just imagine!

I don't think we have anything on on Sunday...should i do it then?

Speaking of light and dark - dark grey, I have decided this is going to be my other 'colour' to break up the white. Each room will have a charcoal/grey feature of some sort in it.

In the bedrooms it will be the carpet and in the bathroom, the floor tiles. The dining room will be as above, and in the kitchen? Well, I have decided our wall unit/pantry/ display cabinet would look incredible in grey, filled with white china and colourful accents, with the rest of the kitchen in white.

The only room I can't decide on, is the living room. I was thinking maybe charcoal roman blinds in front of our bi-fold doors, but I am concerned they will be a little heavy and distracting. Maybe a rug...maybe a light...maybe a button tufted ottoman? Now there's a thought!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


After all that wonderful-ness, my husband disapeared for half an hour or so this evening and came back inside with a huge bunch of lilies from the garden, for me. They are now on the dining table in 3 vases, and 2 will be distributed to the bedroom and kitchen shortly. He is THE BEST!

A real gem

Today has been a real gem of a day. A dead-set sparkler - just like the pretty above (from

I knew it would be when I first saw the weather for today - forecast for 21 and sunny - our first hit of Spring (and perfect for a wedding - Congratulations Benny and Rita!)

Mr Limecello and I slept in and woke when our dog-child's tail started to wag. We are in dire need of a grocery shop, so breaky was a little simple, but delicious (cereal with passionfruit yogurt and tinned peaches), but chased down by my latest obsession - Twinnings Peppermint Tea. I am completely addicted!

We had always planned on a nice long walk, and we headed off to Westerfolds Park with the pooch. I had never been there, but my Husband spent a fair bit of time there back in his teens. And after today, I think we will be spending a fair bit more time there! Its so beautiful, right here in the suburbs, and there is a great track that does a complete loop of the park .We did 2 laps (about 9.6km) and it was so nice just to chat to each other, with no interruptions!

On the way home we took a random detour and managed to catch the tail-end of the Nunawading Farmers Market - where everyone was selling off their produce for a song. We picked up some beautiful asparagus, leek, felafel (which had us racing off to get a bunch of parsley, so we can have tabbouleh and felafel sandwiches!), free range eggs, 2 loaves of bread (for the price of 1!), a couple of home-made vegie pasties and a muffin- or 2! Its a plastic bag free market, so fortunately we had our own hessian bag in the car (Mr LC had his suspicions the market was on I think!

So we picked up a few bargains, and headed home with a fresh pastie for lunch, which we followed with an alcoholic beverage each - a Corona for him, and a glass of my favorite budget white for me.

All this and its only 3 o'clock. We might head out to see Mao's Last Dancer later on (free tickets, coutesy of a late start last time!), or just stay on home on the couch with the sun streaming in the bi-fold doors - no, a blanket! Its just started raining, which will give the garden a good water!

It been a pretty fabulous and budget friendly weekend this week - friends over for home-made pizza, sundaes and (store-bought) wine on Friday night and sunshine and gardening yesterday, plus my Mum dropped in for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Life is so precious, and this weekend has reminded me just how good it is!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Entryway again

Oh, just a quick excited post! My wonderful Dad has offered to do all the building and plastering for us, so we can keep saving for a holiday! He is going to take some time off work and do it all over about 4 days!

I love my Dad - he is awesome!

I have also decided to get our sofa slip covers made while he is here, so the mess won't get the current sofas dirty (they take them away for 2 weeks to make the covers!)

So progress shots should be just around the corner!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Entryway moodboard

Here it is!

The moodboard for our entry way and hallway. Let me give you a little rundown.

Obviously, the walls are white, as are the floors.

The white cabinet is instead of a hallstand. I will get one eventually, but we already have this cabinet, and its not getting used. Plus it will add storage that will be lost when we halve the hall cupboard to become doors.

The turned wooden stool will give me somewhere to sit while I tie my shoelaces, and will sit under a little green frame which holds the brooch from my wedding dress. A little sparkle sparkle, and a happy memory too.

I have wanted this hanging rack for quite some time now, and despite the cost, my husband agrees. Its a special 'piece' that we would have for years to come, and gives people such a lovely sentiment when they walk in the door. Above it (if there is room!) I will hang this round mirror, with a mirrored frame - the perfect piece to reflect the light from the chandelier! This may not be the exact chandelier I use - it may hang a little low - but something like this would be so nice!

Our hall cupboard door will be a nice panelled one, with a crystal handle (and I haven't shown them here, but we will have glass french doors, next to the cupboard, also off this hallway, leading to the loungeroom)

The large picture is my husband and I on our wedding day. My wonderful sister and brother in law had this pic enlarged and printed on a canvas for us as a wedding gift. Its quite big (about 50 x 70 cm), and will go right at the end of the hallway, so its not too confronting! The framed pics are ones I am gathering at the moment of family over the years - my sister and I as toddlers, my grandparents on their first weekend away together, etc. Not sure yet whether to frame them in black, or a dark stained wood - which would tie in nicely with the wooden stool.

I love the grey rug with the circles (have you noticed a bit of a 'circle-y theme here?), as the 3 bedrooms which run off this hallway will be carpeted in charcoal, and the bathroom will likely have charcoal floor tiles too, so it ties in, but the circles break it up (or I might just get the green one, and never mind it matching anything else!)

So this is the hallway in my mind..Perhaps its time to start on the construction!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The making of an entryway

I love entryways. I love hallstands, and welcoming spaces, and homey touches, like hooks with scarves on them, and a place to sit while putting on your shoes.

An entryway was something we did not have in our last home - see that door there, not even 1 foot from the sofa - THAT was our front door!

So I was super excited when we moved to a house with a hallway and an entryway. Unfortunately, the said entryway has no walls - they all have doors on them, and is not wide enough for a hallstand. Boo!

Also missing is a few walls is our living room. Major dilemma - the main entryway to our living room is off the hallway, through double doors, that lead you straight into the back of our sofa! (yes I should draw you a floorplan...and I will...soon!)

Solution - close up the double doors, gain a wall for our sofa to live on, and move the door just a little further down the hall, so you walk into the side of our living room. There are so many benefits.

But I had to run it past our trusted advisors - first, my Dad, a builder for about 30 years, who was well known for his talents in making spaces work!, and Jeni, a close friend - also my Dad's partner - a seriously talented draftsperson (just ask Steve and Jules - my brother and sister in law!) and interior designer who totally 'gets' what we want to achieve.

Last night they gave us the tick of approval for our plans, and moving forward, we will be calling builder next week for a quote! And hence, my excitement about entry-ways. I can see it already - large white cabinet with mirrored front, a dark stained, turned wood stool, a hall runner...and a chandelier! I feel a mood board coming on!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Morning in Winter

At my place, looks like this...

Husband reading the (delivered, the old owners forgot to cancel their subscription!) newspapers, dog/rat/cat/bunny/seahorse (as she's known) hanging around, and making sure she is in 'the middle (between us...always!), and me enjoying the view!

You can see here our white floors, painted walls, plantation shutters and somewhat colourful accessories. Considering this room used to look like this (from a slightly different spot!),

we are very happy with the result.

We are hoping to replace the light with a chandelier at some stage, but the white drum is a good temporary solution!

I can also finally show an 'after' of our new wall, plastered and painted (the floors still need to be done, obvioulsy!)

Remember the before, urgh...such a dark space, with no visability from/to the kitchen and that walk in pantry, which was wasted in a house this small!

And the after (though, due to the rain I am standing inside those doors for the after, and have cut out most of the loungeroom!)

Though, with the kitchen in its current state, I'm not sure how keen I am on the viability - check out the missing kickboards along the bottom. Not a good look!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Inspiration Pictures

Well I thought I would share the pics I have saved in my 'Inspirational House Pics' Folder, or a few of them anyway...and give an explaination as to why I love them. Now, embarassingly, I downloaded them long before I ever dreamed of having my own blog, and I haven't got the links back to any of them. If you know where they came from, please let me know!

I love stripes, green, pink and coloured, painted furniture. The sofas are a great shape, and I also love the wood panelled walls.

I think this colour scheme is beautful, and the main house colour is top of my list when we paint our house,

Chartruse green...again!...and pinky-red, with plenty of white and vintage all together! I adore the phone, and the hit of modern with the Teknobili side table. The light is pretty special!

The eclectic mix here, the lovely tones and the stunning bedhead all get me with this one.

This image is much more grand...and well beyond the style that this home will ever be, but the shape of teh chair, and the combo of chocolate wood and white drew me in!
Now, the people have just arrived to install our shutters, so I better go and supervise!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


...again. I am still getting used to this bloggy thing! I don't have any afters, because its not finished yet, but here are some before and 'during' pics of the wall re-arranging.

You can see from the floorboards where the old wall used to be. The doorway is now much more open, and we have a lovely little alcove in the lounge, which we will wallpaper, and also hang a feature light in. It has power and phone lines there too, so will house a our phone, and one day, when all our bedrooms are being slept in, will be home to the laptop too.

The wall has been plastered now, but my phone won't talk to my computer so I can post a pic! Sorry.

Also, some sad news about the kitchen. Freedom kitchens - complete disaster. Had it all priced through a custom cabinet maker instead, but financially just not possible. We will Ikea it up a bit, improve the storage, make use of our lovely new wall, and save save save for a little while. Its does mean, however, that we can move forwrd with a few other things too!

And happy news...our plantation shutters have arrived, and we are just waiting for an installation date. YAY!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

...and the walls came tumbling down!

Sorry, 2 posts in a row with out pics. But the builder is at our house RIGHT NOW tearing down our walls and building new ones! V. exciting! Will have befores soon...they are stuck on the camera right now, and the cable could be anywhere in the study/box room/kitchen/pantry (our second bedroom is doing quadruple duty right now!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Learning to blog!

So I just had a look through my settings, and realised that a few of them needed an update! Anyone can now comment (yes Jules, that includes you, as I think you and Emily are my only readers!)

I also updated the blogs I follow, as I only just realised that a lot of them weren't showing up...oops! Check them out, if you don't fave this week is
'The House that A-M built'. She's an Aussie with the most beautiful taste...and moves into her newly built house in just a couple of weeks!

Boo..and YAY!

So, the kitchen designer cancelled. Because we have to change some walls around, they won't come until its done. So, the solution to that is...get it done! Hopefully next week! YAY! Very exciting.

And in my disapointment, I decided to buy some are for the walls.
This Etsy seller had a fabulous 2 for 1 offer (its closes today, get them while you can!), and I purchased this print

which is unfortunately no longer available, and this one which can be purchased here.

I have been a fan of Annechovie's work for quite some time, so I was thrilled to finally get some of my very own! Hopefully our postie doesn't try and fold these in half, which he does with everything else!

(Images from Annechovies shop on Etsy)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kitchen Obsession

One more day until our kitchen designer comes. In the mean time, I have created some moodboards to keep me inspired!

Spot the differeence! The basic concept is white shaker doors with Ice Snow Caesarstone benchtops around the perimeter, with dark stained oak on the island. White subway tile laid in a brick pattern. Stainless steel 900mm oven with concealed rangehood. Double ceramic farmhouse style sink with modern pull out faucet. White plantation shutters on the windows (these are already ordered), chrome cup pulls for the drawers and these gorgeous patterned ceramic handles for the cupboards (from ebay seller Knobsmacked). The gorgeous 'Moss Rose' Royal Albert teacup given to me by my grandmother will be box framed in a dark frame with a white matt and green border, to spread love through the whole kitchen. We are currently deciding between light stoney coloured walls, emerald green walls (have not yet discussed this option with my husband!) and the same Natural white that is currently on the rest of the house. 2 lights to hang over the island will be either industrial style metal ones (from Ikea!), or the cane ones from Beacon Lighting. And a splash of modern classic in the form of 2 Kartell ghost stools. What do you think?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Jules!

My dear sister-in-law has just been here, with her wonderful husband (my husband's brother!) who repaired our computer, and told me I HAD to provide a new post cause she was sick of the old one!
So, news here at Casa Limecello is that a new kitchen is on the cards! Thanks to
Freedom's 2 years interest free period we have been planning away, and they will be here this week to advise and quote. We have also had the builder in to talk about wardrobe doors and banquette seating, but will likely forego the doors for we can get our dream oven! The banquette seating will be done when the walls come out! Yes, thats right, walls are coming down, and the walkin pantry sacrifuced for more loungeroom space.
Below are some pics from my inspiration folder...apologies, they were all gathered over the last couple of years, and I don't know where from, so no links...or credits (eeep, super sorry!)!

This is just a sneak glipmse of this kitchen, but I love the all white, and combination of open shelving, glass doors, and solid doors. The marble splashback is pretty lovely too!

I love the feel of this kitchen...and the sink too! My husband has said this is the type of sink he is wants...and its not negotiable! Ok, I say! Love the shaker style doors too!

I ADORE this kitchen. The shaker doors, the marble benchtops, the crisp white...and that magnificent green! I am 'green' with envy at this one!

More marble, more shaker doors, but a pretty duck egg/Tiffany blue in this one. So pretty!

We have also ordered some pretty gorgeous plantation shutters, that should be here in about 6 weeks! The waiting is killing me...but will be totally worth it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am speckling the keyboard with flakes of paint

I have to list everything in dots points today as my brain is scattered...I think its the paint fumes.

*Settlement went perfectly. Our conveyancer said she wished they all went that smoothly.

*Only one couple showed up for our open at the old place. They put in a perfect application the following day, and have signed the lease papers! YAY!

*The lino and carpet came up and revealed pristine hardwood floors.

*My husband is incredible and sanded all the rooms with varnished floors with a little mouse sander. I love him!

*My wonderful family have been amazing. They were there the day we settled helping lift the floors, removing staples until 11.00 at night. My sister and her husband have been over every day helping with whatever we ask them to do...filling cracks, cutting in..oh and FEEDING US EVERY DAY! Yes thats right, beautiful food every night...risotto last night and spag bol tonight. AND they brought over toilet paper the night we moved in, without us even telling them we forgot it! My mum and her partner came over yesterday and today, and did an amazing job too, they are great painters!

*I love the colour we picked out...'Natural White' by Dulux in super flat. I am yet to paint any trims, but we are using 'Princess Bling' by Taubmans in high gloss. Natural white is also going on the floors.

*I have no pics uploaded yet, but have been taking plenty.
So it is all going very well, and I am very happy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Settlemenspection Day tomorrow!

Tomorrow we settle on our new house, and our old home is open for its first inspection for prospective renters! So its a big day. My husband is painting, I should be packing and I just found out I am on a work excursion (to a paper mill...pretty cool!)all day Thursday from early til late, so need to make sure I take 'casual clothes suitable for a day out with boss and clients!' with me tomorrow. I may even have to iron tonight....yikes! (or maybe I can pursuade my lovely sister to help me out with that at her place tomorrow night!)

Oh and amoungst all this excitement, my bedside tables arrived. They are so awesome...full run down soon!

Better get back to it...those boxes are calling my name (or is it my bed!?)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Old house

Our current home is featured this month on the Real Living website, here, which gives a good idea of the styles I love!

I got quite emotional writing it all down, but then, of course, realised we are moving onto something bigger and better.

I am freaking out about the actal process of moving all our stuff today, though!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I broke my promise!

I promised my husband that I wouldn't buy any furniture for the new house...until we lived there. With only 1.5 weeks to go, I broke my promise...oops.

For a long time we have needed new bedside tables. We currently have one of
these painted cream, on one side, and one of these in white on the other side...I hated my Rast so much I replaced it with a chair!

But we have just order these wonderful pieces of loveliness!

2 of them! Discovered via Belinda, I had dreamt about them, but was concerned the shipping would be too much! But just under $30...for both of them! They will be here in about 2 weeks...just in time for the big move! Excited!

Oh dear...

I can't remember my Flickr login details...and my alternative email address is not working. Do I sign up as a new user? I feel like that is wrong! Its driving me mad as I can't post any pictures here!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling lucky...

It is 1 month until settlement day. But I feel sad. Because there are many people out there who have lost everything, everything they love, cherish, have worked for, saved for, built, created. We spent all weekend trying to decide whether or not we should put a new roof on our house, while out there, people's roofs were all that was left. Its devastating, horrific, a complete nightmare. So far, all my friends and family and colleagues have been safe, but so many of them know people who have lost their homes. It's so far from us, yet so close. My husband and I have stopped thinking about what we can do to improve our new home this week. Instead we are deciding what we can give to help others rebuild their lives.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Sorry, I've been bad! You see, my computer died (AGAIN!) argh, and it was my sister's Hen's night last night, and the wedding is tomorrow, so I have a little bit on at the moment! I have been majorly involved with both!

I used
Marthas Pompoms to decorate and they went down a treat! My sister is even wishing she could cancel the 2 huge bunches of flowers for their ceremony site, and decorate with these instead! Its a bit late!

But I will do a pic heavy post on it all when my computer comes back to life! Invites, decorations...and the lovely Hen herself!

In the midst of it all we went to the bank to sign some more documents for our new house...and dealt with complete moron. He looked at the paperwork that we needed him to witness like he had never seen mortgage documents before! GAH! Isn;t it his job to know all about that stuff! Seriously!

Better go...there is bridey stuff to do (like wash all the punch glasses from yesterday!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Urgh, what a 3rd post subject

Ok, so I can't belive I am writing about this in only my 3rd post, like its the most important thing ever! Its not really, but since we aren't really buying anything...except this!...before we move in, its really all I can post about for now. it is!


Thats right...a television! You see, our new lounge room is pretty small, and awkwardly laid out. And although I am not a huge fan of TV's on the wall...or TV's on display at all... its the only solution here. So we are getting a white one, with a built in DVD, so there are no other boxes, and hopefully the white will help it 'recede' a bit. Never mind the giant black square in the middle when its switched off!

We currently have our tv and stereo in a cabinet, and people often ask if we even have a television. There will be no hiding this beast though. The stereo on the other hand, is a bit of an issue. I think we will play CD's through the TV most of the time, and upgrade our stereo in the next 12 months... I have that picked out too. Guess the colour? Piano white!

Its the ONLY one I could find that was white. Seriously, who would have thought a white TV was such a bizarre concept. Black does not go with my decor! I can't be the only person in the world who feels this way?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why 'Making Limecello' I hear you ask?

Based on the saying 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. The global credit crunch was on, a recession was potentially approaching and house prices were falling. This was our chance to move to 'stage 2'. Leave 'stage 1' - a 2 bedroom townhouse in the west (now a renovated two and a half bedroom townhouse with private courtyard), move onwards and outwards. 'Stage 2' - a 3 bedroom weatherboard home on a subdivided block, in need of a major facelift!

Life gave us lemons, but I thought limes were more appropriate, because I love green and we have a gorgeous lime tree...And I prefer limecello to lemonade...its tasty!

The planting of a seed

Well, here I am. My first post! A bit of background first I suppose! My husband and I were coming to the end of a 5 year DIY renovation, looking forward to spending some quality time together, enjoying all our hard work and chillin' out. Then...madness struck! Why not use the lovely home as equity, and buy something else! So we did!

We currently live in Melbourne's west, about 9km from the city. Great location, improving suburb, close to amenities etc. One MAJOR problem. Our entire lives are based in the eastern, friends and work! And... our new house!
Here are some pics...there is plenty of work to do.

Prior to moving in, we will paint, paint, paint and paint. Walls, ceilings and floors! All white!