Wednesday, May 20, 2009

...and the walls came tumbling down!

Sorry, 2 posts in a row with out pics. But the builder is at our house RIGHT NOW tearing down our walls and building new ones! V. exciting! Will have befores soon...they are stuck on the camera right now, and the cable could be anywhere in the study/box room/kitchen/pantry (our second bedroom is doing quadruple duty right now!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Learning to blog!

So I just had a look through my settings, and realised that a few of them needed an update! Anyone can now comment (yes Jules, that includes you, as I think you and Emily are my only readers!)

I also updated the blogs I follow, as I only just realised that a lot of them weren't showing up...oops! Check them out, if you don't fave this week is
'The House that A-M built'. She's an Aussie with the most beautiful taste...and moves into her newly built house in just a couple of weeks!

Boo..and YAY!

So, the kitchen designer cancelled. Because we have to change some walls around, they won't come until its done. So, the solution to that is...get it done! Hopefully next week! YAY! Very exciting.

And in my disapointment, I decided to buy some are for the walls.
This Etsy seller had a fabulous 2 for 1 offer (its closes today, get them while you can!), and I purchased this print

which is unfortunately no longer available, and this one which can be purchased here.

I have been a fan of Annechovie's work for quite some time, so I was thrilled to finally get some of my very own! Hopefully our postie doesn't try and fold these in half, which he does with everything else!

(Images from Annechovies shop on Etsy)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kitchen Obsession

One more day until our kitchen designer comes. In the mean time, I have created some moodboards to keep me inspired!

Spot the differeence! The basic concept is white shaker doors with Ice Snow Caesarstone benchtops around the perimeter, with dark stained oak on the island. White subway tile laid in a brick pattern. Stainless steel 900mm oven with concealed rangehood. Double ceramic farmhouse style sink with modern pull out faucet. White plantation shutters on the windows (these are already ordered), chrome cup pulls for the drawers and these gorgeous patterned ceramic handles for the cupboards (from ebay seller Knobsmacked). The gorgeous 'Moss Rose' Royal Albert teacup given to me by my grandmother will be box framed in a dark frame with a white matt and green border, to spread love through the whole kitchen. We are currently deciding between light stoney coloured walls, emerald green walls (have not yet discussed this option with my husband!) and the same Natural white that is currently on the rest of the house. 2 lights to hang over the island will be either industrial style metal ones (from Ikea!), or the cane ones from Beacon Lighting. And a splash of modern classic in the form of 2 Kartell ghost stools. What do you think?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Jules!

My dear sister-in-law has just been here, with her wonderful husband (my husband's brother!) who repaired our computer, and told me I HAD to provide a new post cause she was sick of the old one!
So, news here at Casa Limecello is that a new kitchen is on the cards! Thanks to
Freedom's 2 years interest free period we have been planning away, and they will be here this week to advise and quote. We have also had the builder in to talk about wardrobe doors and banquette seating, but will likely forego the doors for we can get our dream oven! The banquette seating will be done when the walls come out! Yes, thats right, walls are coming down, and the walkin pantry sacrifuced for more loungeroom space.
Below are some pics from my inspiration folder...apologies, they were all gathered over the last couple of years, and I don't know where from, so no links...or credits (eeep, super sorry!)!

This is just a sneak glipmse of this kitchen, but I love the all white, and combination of open shelving, glass doors, and solid doors. The marble splashback is pretty lovely too!

I love the feel of this kitchen...and the sink too! My husband has said this is the type of sink he is wants...and its not negotiable! Ok, I say! Love the shaker style doors too!

I ADORE this kitchen. The shaker doors, the marble benchtops, the crisp white...and that magnificent green! I am 'green' with envy at this one!

More marble, more shaker doors, but a pretty duck egg/Tiffany blue in this one. So pretty!

We have also ordered some pretty gorgeous plantation shutters, that should be here in about 6 weeks! The waiting is killing me...but will be totally worth it!