Monday, March 16, 2009

I am speckling the keyboard with flakes of paint

I have to list everything in dots points today as my brain is scattered...I think its the paint fumes.

*Settlement went perfectly. Our conveyancer said she wished they all went that smoothly.

*Only one couple showed up for our open at the old place. They put in a perfect application the following day, and have signed the lease papers! YAY!

*The lino and carpet came up and revealed pristine hardwood floors.

*My husband is incredible and sanded all the rooms with varnished floors with a little mouse sander. I love him!

*My wonderful family have been amazing. They were there the day we settled helping lift the floors, removing staples until 11.00 at night. My sister and her husband have been over every day helping with whatever we ask them to do...filling cracks, cutting in..oh and FEEDING US EVERY DAY! Yes thats right, beautiful food every night...risotto last night and spag bol tonight. AND they brought over toilet paper the night we moved in, without us even telling them we forgot it! My mum and her partner came over yesterday and today, and did an amazing job too, they are great painters!

*I love the colour we picked out...'Natural White' by Dulux in super flat. I am yet to paint any trims, but we are using 'Princess Bling' by Taubmans in high gloss. Natural white is also going on the floors.

*I have no pics uploaded yet, but have been taking plenty.
So it is all going very well, and I am very happy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Settlemenspection Day tomorrow!

Tomorrow we settle on our new house, and our old home is open for its first inspection for prospective renters! So its a big day. My husband is painting, I should be packing and I just found out I am on a work excursion (to a paper mill...pretty cool!)all day Thursday from early til late, so need to make sure I take 'casual clothes suitable for a day out with boss and clients!' with me tomorrow. I may even have to iron tonight....yikes! (or maybe I can pursuade my lovely sister to help me out with that at her place tomorrow night!)

Oh and amoungst all this excitement, my bedside tables arrived. They are so awesome...full run down soon!

Better get back to it...those boxes are calling my name (or is it my bed!?)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Old house

Our current home is featured this month on the Real Living website, here, which gives a good idea of the styles I love!

I got quite emotional writing it all down, but then, of course, realised we are moving onto something bigger and better.

I am freaking out about the actal process of moving all our stuff today, though!