Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light and Dark...Dark Grey in fact!

After seeing these stunning pics over at A Life's Design, its confirmed. I am going to paint our dining room dark grey. All the white features pop so beautifully against it, and it will highlight our gorgeous shutters - plus seperate the room from the living room, and give it a little 'intimacy'. You can see the room here. Ooh I can just imagine!

I don't think we have anything on on Sunday...should i do it then?

Speaking of light and dark - dark grey, I have decided this is going to be my other 'colour' to break up the white. Each room will have a charcoal/grey feature of some sort in it.

In the bedrooms it will be the carpet and in the bathroom, the floor tiles. The dining room will be as above, and in the kitchen? Well, I have decided our wall unit/pantry/ display cabinet would look incredible in grey, filled with white china and colourful accents, with the rest of the kitchen in white.

The only room I can't decide on, is the living room. I was thinking maybe charcoal roman blinds in front of our bi-fold doors, but I am concerned they will be a little heavy and distracting. Maybe a rug...maybe a light...maybe a button tufted ottoman? Now there's a thought!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


After all that wonderful-ness, my husband disapeared for half an hour or so this evening and came back inside with a huge bunch of lilies from the garden, for me. They are now on the dining table in 3 vases, and 2 will be distributed to the bedroom and kitchen shortly. He is THE BEST!

A real gem

Today has been a real gem of a day. A dead-set sparkler - just like the pretty above (from

I knew it would be when I first saw the weather for today - forecast for 21 and sunny - our first hit of Spring (and perfect for a wedding - Congratulations Benny and Rita!)

Mr Limecello and I slept in and woke when our dog-child's tail started to wag. We are in dire need of a grocery shop, so breaky was a little simple, but delicious (cereal with passionfruit yogurt and tinned peaches), but chased down by my latest obsession - Twinnings Peppermint Tea. I am completely addicted!

We had always planned on a nice long walk, and we headed off to Westerfolds Park with the pooch. I had never been there, but my Husband spent a fair bit of time there back in his teens. And after today, I think we will be spending a fair bit more time there! Its so beautiful, right here in the suburbs, and there is a great track that does a complete loop of the park .We did 2 laps (about 9.6km) and it was so nice just to chat to each other, with no interruptions!

On the way home we took a random detour and managed to catch the tail-end of the Nunawading Farmers Market - where everyone was selling off their produce for a song. We picked up some beautiful asparagus, leek, felafel (which had us racing off to get a bunch of parsley, so we can have tabbouleh and felafel sandwiches!), free range eggs, 2 loaves of bread (for the price of 1!), a couple of home-made vegie pasties and a muffin- or 2! Its a plastic bag free market, so fortunately we had our own hessian bag in the car (Mr LC had his suspicions the market was on I think!

So we picked up a few bargains, and headed home with a fresh pastie for lunch, which we followed with an alcoholic beverage each - a Corona for him, and a glass of my favorite budget white for me.

All this and its only 3 o'clock. We might head out to see Mao's Last Dancer later on (free tickets, coutesy of a late start last time!), or just stay on home on the couch with the sun streaming in the bi-fold doors - no, a blanket! Its just started raining, which will give the garden a good water!

It been a pretty fabulous and budget friendly weekend this week - friends over for home-made pizza, sundaes and (store-bought) wine on Friday night and sunshine and gardening yesterday, plus my Mum dropped in for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Life is so precious, and this weekend has reminded me just how good it is!