Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yeah, so I'm a little slow!

Ok, so I have just made the most amazing discovery. I know everyone else discovered this ages ago, but for some reason its taken me until now.

Its called Ebay, and I am in love! I am supposed to be saving towards renovations (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, electrical, doors, roof...Promise to tell you all about it soon!), but I made a fabulous purchase just a few weeks ago, and won my second item today!
Item 1: This gorgeous 80 year old (approximately) dining table.

It doesn't look like much here, but with a good clean, it came up beautifully! I don't want to sand it or stain it, as I love its charater so much. It reminds me of the dining table we had in my family home, growing up, and we bought it from a family who had it while their children were growing up too! We love it. We sit down and eat our dinner at it most nights, and instead of sitting with guests in the lounge room, we often sit around the table and chat. I will post pics of it in the dining area just as soon as my camera battery is charged! It originally came from a farm in Tangambalanga, near Albury, and is made of Kauri Pine. Oh...and it cost me $133.50

Item 2: A church pew!!!

We currently have a bench on one side of our table, but it's a dark stained timber, and it doesn't look right next to the lighter colour of the table. I am happy to mix my timber finishes (a new acceptance!), but the bench is both modern AND dark, so there is too much contrast. I am going to move the bench to the sitting room (to be!) as a coffee table, and replace it with this! I will most likely paint it black, which will look great with our white floors and shutters, and dark grey walls. I love it...and even though it wasn;t as much of a bargain as the table, it was cheaper than the cost of 3 chairs!

On the other side of the table, I think we need something a little more retro, to work with the light, and prevent the whole area from getting too 'matchy matchy', so I am thinking of perhaps some Eames DSW side chairs in Black
Or the original plan...the Tolix A chair in galvanised

What I love about buying items off Ebay, is the personality they have. I felt that my home was becoming too plain, and beginning to appear a little like I had bought everything on the same day, from the same store. It wasn't didn't feel like a 'home'.
These pre-loved pieces are making a big difference!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bar Open

Oh, where to start! There is so much going on in my head 'house-wise' at the moment, that I barely know where to begin.

Ok - dining area! All along, I have loved the Scandinavian aesthetic - hence the white on white on white!

Then, I found elements of this look didn't work so well in this house...since I don't live in a Scadinavian country, but instead in Melbourne, Australia! So I painted the dining room grey.But it still didn't feel right. We bought a new light...which we LOVED, but the rest of the room just felt bland. I have been playing with the house quite a bit over the last few days, instroducing some more 'neutrals', and lighter wood tones (a whole nother post!), and wanted to incorporate a little bamboo table my husband rescued when his parents cleaned out their office.

I had been intending to paint it, probably black (I am also introducing black...and loving it!) but I decided to leave in its natural bamboo finish for now. I added a few things we had around the house...and some that were still in a box, waiting for a home, from when we moved(!!!!), and now we have a little bar in the corner of our dining nook. You can also see our new light at the top there - it's retro style works really well with our bar. I just need to hang the print that is resting - it was a limited edition Dinosaur Designs one that came with Inside Out (I think!) a few years back, and I have never had a place for it. And now I do!

Friday, June 4, 2010


...I went on a holiday and forgot to blog! Sorry!
I will return to regular programming (in other words, sporadic posting with occasional pictures of somewhat completed projects!) when I stop dreaming of Vietnam.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vitaminer at Ikea

Have you seen this gorgeous range of fabrics and accessories at Ikea? I love the colours and the patterns. In fact, I am considering heading there this afternoon to pick up this blanket, to snuggle under in this chilly weather we have been having. Which I am loving, by the way!And the fabrics are only $14.99 for 1.2 x 3m. Very reasonable! Those hearts would make a cute headboard, especially if it was button tufted with a range of colourful buttons! I'm not sure my husband would go for it, but maybe for a child one day! In the mean time, I may have to make do with a cushion in my living room!

And these fun curtains! Not sure where I could hang them, but I think they would bring some cheer to your day!
They are hidden away in the children's fabric department! I would love to use them in my home...and I don't have any children (with the exception of my furchild of course!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I know I have been MIA for a little while - I have been super busy with work, renos, social and family commitments. I do have some new pics for you...but not today.

It doesn't feel right to share how wonderful my home is when I have some very dear friends who are doing it tough...all the time. I am heading out for a very brief catch up with one of them later this evening, and it's all I can think about right now. I promise that when (not if, but when) they find a home for themselves and their precious daughter (Hope!), I will be ringing and writing every 'we come and fix up your house and garden in a weekend to help make your life a teensy bit easier' show, to go and visit them, and do everything they can.

Some people out there have a really rough life, through no doing of their own, and I remind all of you to hug your children, your partner, your friends and your family, and tell them you love them. And ring someone you know, who might be struggling a bit at the moment, to remind them you are there, and you love them.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ok, so clearly I am excited. Something wonderful has happened!

The lovely, Nichole, over at Sparrow's Nest has nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award!!! She has such great style (check out her AMAZING kitchen mural here), and I am really honoured. Thank you SO much Nichole!

So, the rules are:
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award. (yup!)

2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.(yup again)
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award. (yup - please do visit her beautiful blog!)
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself. (eeeek!)
5. Nominate 7 bloggers. (YAY!)

Alrighty...7 things about me. Oh wait, interesting things about me, that's going to be hard!!!

1. My hair went prematurely grey all over, and up until recently I coloured it. But now, at age 28, I have embraced reality, and gone natural.

2. I am a self confessed lazy perfectionist. I want things to be 'just so', but it takes me forever to get it done.

3. I love to cook, but I always use recipes for 'inspiration' rather than instruction. Or I don't even bother with recipes, and just make it up!

4. I used to be in the Rockabilly 'scene', and get around in hot rods, go to rock'n'roll dances on Saturday night to see bands (that always had a double bass in them), wear Brothel Creepers (shoes!) and pencil skirts and bright red lipstick and generally live a 50's inspired lifestyle. I still love the music and the clothes and the cars (I ADORE hot rods, and aim to own one - A 1928 Ford A Model Tudor, with a 28 stud side valve V8 motor, by the time I retire!), but am not 'involved' anymore.

5. I consider myself very fortunate to be young enough to use all the amazing technology we have now, but old enough to appreciate what it was like without a lot of it.

6. One word that came up a lot in the speeches at my 21st was that I am 'unique'. I grew up in a small town, and always wanted to be different, so I shaved my head, had piercings and wore unusual clothing. Not long before my 21st I realised that I didn't need these things to be different, I simply was because there was no-one like me anywhere else in the world. And I stopped trying. And people still consider me unique and interesting!

7. The first time I met my now husband (at a hot-rod show with my then boyfriend!), the first thought that ran through my head was 'WOW, that is the best looking guy I have ever seen'. We were friends for a few years before we got together, and we have now been together for 7.5 years, married for 3.5 years and I still think he is the best looking guy I have ever seen!

Are you still there? Have you fallen asleep yet? No? Good, because now you can head on over and visit these wonderful blogs!

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7. Cyma @ CHEK

Thank you so much for nominating me Nichole, you really have made my day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Be Afraid... VERY afraid. For your hip-pocket, that is!

Anthropologie now ships to Australia!

Is it too late to cancel my upcoming holiday and spend the money on gorgeous Anthropologie items instead? Hmmm...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Turns out I am a chair!

Via Table Tonic . My new favorite blog, by the way. This is so funny! Ikea-arise your name here

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some 'almost' afters

So, we didn't get quite as much done as we had planned, but still, there have been a few changes around here! Hopefully the new light will go up this week, and we will pick up some shelves for that empty wall in the dining room, but it's coming along!

Here we go...piccies! I take terrible pictures, it's something I really need to work on (I like to blame our camera, but really, it's just me!)

This is the pic from the internet listing of the lounge/dining room - it doesn't look too bad, but the living room was quite small, and the colours weren't right - and the kitchen was hidden away behind a door! The wall with the picture on the right has moved back about 2 feet, and also has a cut out through to the kitchen.

And now - our new white sofas (or one of them!), charcoal dining room - see how perfectly the colour matches our dog!

My husband won't be thrilled about this pic, but it's a 'mid-way' picture, taken last Winter.

We love the effect of the white shutters against the new dark colour! It also helps define the dining area from the living room. The light will be fantastic against this colour too!

This is another real estate picture. It doesn't look too bad either, but the benchtops were sticky...ew... the paint was quite grubby, and check out that lino! The tiling was atrocious and there was nowhere for the microwave! had no character. We removed the return with the stools under it, replaced it with a cabinet, and added an island that we already had! We made a feature of a the bulkhead (which we hated, but won't come down until we do a complete kitchen make-over) by painting it in blackboard paint. I change the quote about once a month though!

The splashback needs to be painted again (they mixed the paint with the wrong base, so it will be a little darker, and the brackets will be painted too, and we need to add some trim along the top, but it's definately an improvement. You can't really see the limewashed benchtops here either, but they are great!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More excitement

Our sofas, with their new white slip covers, are being delivered back to us on Saturday afternoon!
The light for the dining area is being picked up on Friday afternoon, and we are hoping to get the walls of the dining room painted dark charcoal before the sofas get back...wet charcoal paint and white sofas are a scary combination...but dry charcoal paint and white sofas? TO DIE FOR (I hope!)!

Monday, January 25, 2010

OMG, sale time!

The Lucient Pendant light, and the Tolix A Chair (in a galvanised finish - a replica too) are both ON SALE right now. Mr Limecello and I are going internet shopping tonight...woohoo!

Hopefully this weekend I will also have pics of our temporary kitchen makeover - I am painting the splashback tonight!