Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light and Dark...Dark Grey in fact!

After seeing these stunning pics over at A Life's Design, its confirmed. I am going to paint our dining room dark grey. All the white features pop so beautifully against it, and it will highlight our gorgeous shutters - plus seperate the room from the living room, and give it a little 'intimacy'. You can see the room here. Ooh I can just imagine!

I don't think we have anything on on Sunday...should i do it then?

Speaking of light and dark - dark grey, I have decided this is going to be my other 'colour' to break up the white. Each room will have a charcoal/grey feature of some sort in it.

In the bedrooms it will be the carpet and in the bathroom, the floor tiles. The dining room will be as above, and in the kitchen? Well, I have decided our wall unit/pantry/ display cabinet would look incredible in grey, filled with white china and colourful accents, with the rest of the kitchen in white.

The only room I can't decide on, is the living room. I was thinking maybe charcoal roman blinds in front of our bi-fold doors, but I am concerned they will be a little heavy and distracting. Maybe a rug...maybe a light...maybe a button tufted ottoman? Now there's a thought!


  1. Rosie, the grey looks magnificent. I agree the white trims pop so much more.

  2. Yes that is a beautiful look, cannot wait to see pics. x

  3. Rosie, I'm loving grey at the moment as well! I want to repaint (yet again) my bedroom. I think it's so classic and would be gorgeous in a dining room - so dramatic!

  4. Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your very kind words. Just wanted to tell you that I too am in a grey mood! We are getting the exterior of the house painted next week (have heard rain is forecast though) and yes indeed we are doing grey and white! You know what they say about great minds!
    Best wishes, NM.

  5. I just checked out those grey walls you were talking about in country living. HOLY MOLY those are gorgeous! I LOVE contrast and how the white pops against it. I think that will look amazing in your dining room. I'm always at war with myself over whether I like the pure white walls with ivory and cream and pale tones or whether I like the contrast and boldness of light and dark together...I'm afraid I'll just keep going back and forth and forever have a paintbrush in my hands lol!

    Oh ya and if you love that dark grey wall with white against it...check out the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs for photos of some amazing looks with that scheme. I think they have a website but if not google images should have some good ones.
    Sorry I wrote you a novel here.

  6. It's funny how our taste changes - I used to think grey was such a cold, dull colour. Now I love it - it's so elegant and understated. Leigh

  7. I vote yes for the dark grey. It will look amazing with white trim.

    My living room is a dark brown with white trim on the doors and windows and it looks great.

  8. Hi Rosie! I just wanted to say thank you for your nice comments! It was really heartwarming to see that it had an impact on others. Hope everything is going well with you!

  9. Oh yes grey pops the white.... coming from someone who lives in a grey house with white trims.... love it. Stand firm with your 'Toorak kitchen' you are entitled to shakers and stone. Heaven forbid.....yobbos! A-M xx

  10. Just came across your blog through the lovely Rebecca's blog (painting the roses white) and I must say I saw those photos in Country Living... excellent choice! It is called Mercer by RL but I would love to know what you choose, as I too am looking for the perfect shade of dark charcoal gray and the only other one I've seen that I love was custom mixed. Cute little blog ya got here... I sure will be back to see your updated rooms. :)


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