Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yeah, so I'm a little slow!

Ok, so I have just made the most amazing discovery. I know everyone else discovered this ages ago, but for some reason its taken me until now.

Its called Ebay, and I am in love! I am supposed to be saving towards renovations (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, electrical, doors, roof...Promise to tell you all about it soon!), but I made a fabulous purchase just a few weeks ago, and won my second item today!
Item 1: This gorgeous 80 year old (approximately) dining table.

It doesn't look like much here, but with a good clean, it came up beautifully! I don't want to sand it or stain it, as I love its charater so much. It reminds me of the dining table we had in my family home, growing up, and we bought it from a family who had it while their children were growing up too! We love it. We sit down and eat our dinner at it most nights, and instead of sitting with guests in the lounge room, we often sit around the table and chat. I will post pics of it in the dining area just as soon as my camera battery is charged! It originally came from a farm in Tangambalanga, near Albury, and is made of Kauri Pine. Oh...and it cost me $133.50

Item 2: A church pew!!!

We currently have a bench on one side of our table, but it's a dark stained timber, and it doesn't look right next to the lighter colour of the table. I am happy to mix my timber finishes (a new acceptance!), but the bench is both modern AND dark, so there is too much contrast. I am going to move the bench to the sitting room (to be!) as a coffee table, and replace it with this! I will most likely paint it black, which will look great with our white floors and shutters, and dark grey walls. I love it...and even though it wasn;t as much of a bargain as the table, it was cheaper than the cost of 3 chairs!

On the other side of the table, I think we need something a little more retro, to work with the light, and prevent the whole area from getting too 'matchy matchy', so I am thinking of perhaps some Eames DSW side chairs in Black
Or the original plan...the Tolix A chair in galvanised

What I love about buying items off Ebay, is the personality they have. I felt that my home was becoming too plain, and beginning to appear a little like I had bought everything on the same day, from the same store. It wasn't didn't feel like a 'home'.
These pre-loved pieces are making a big difference!


  1. I love that table. And the church pew. And the chair ideas. Great purchases and great ideas.

  2. Great eBay finds! Especially that table. I'll br looking for one like that for my craft area but I never thought to check eBay so thanks for the reminder.

  3. I love ebay too i just have to watch myself as i find it extremely addictive! Hope you are having a perfect weekend! Kellie xx

  4. that's a lovely table, I have one just like it which I bought off EBay! And the chairs you are thinking about the match with it are wonderful - I love a mix and match thing...

  5. That's a lovely old table, mine is just like it of the same vintage, and I love mixing and matching of tables with chairs, couldn't agree more with you. And I adore the chairs you have picked out!! I love them as much as I love the Bentwood!

  6. Fantastic buys! Can't wait to see what you do with them.. Ebay is great for furniture in particular. I've sold quite a few 'mistakes' on ebay (ie. furniture I bought before blogging gave me some kind of clue)! Rachaelxx

  7. Love that church pew!! I never have much luck on ebay, I always find 'local' things that aren't in my state :( I think preloved pieces are great for injecting character into your home and avoiding it looking like you've bought everything on the one day as you say. I think I suffered from this dilema when we first bought our house and I was a newlywed with no clue how to decorate :) Now I like to mix modern and older pieces to give a bit of warmth.

  8. GET THE DSW's! Do it! From one happy bum and sitter-upon-er of a cozy DSW, I think they are lovely. That said, Tolix are amazing too...not much help, am I? Ha!


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