Monday, June 24, 2013

Instagram - how I love it!

Instagram. How I love it! When I first signed up, I really just wanted to be able to put filters on photos. I didn't know what else to expect. How could I have ever known the connections I would make through photos and short sentences alone. The inspiration I would get. The recipes I would discover. But mostly, the friends I would make. Real friends, that know just as much (sometimes more!) about me than my 'in real life' friends. Support, advice, ideas - all from just one little photo sharing app.
My first IG picture
I found my chinese herbalist and acupuncturist (Nat at The Pagoda Tree) through Instagram, and my husband and I both stand firm in our belief that her diet and lifestyle advice was ultimately what helped us conceive - I may have used the term 'Instagram got me pregnant' on more than one occasion!
We got ideas for green smoothie recipes
One of my most exciting pregnancy announcements was to my IG friends, and the excitement, joy, love and support I received from them meant the world.
My IG pregnancy announcement - that's Rawkus (now Otis!) at 13 weeks.
Our dog, Molly, has featured more times than I can count, our home, things I've cooked, places we've been, people I love, all shared with my Instagram friends. Who have become real friends. 2 in particular, one in Tasmania and one in the UK. We were already following each other when we all discovered we were pregnant. Our babies were born within weeks of each other. They are my 'other' mothers group, the ones I could 'chat' with during the early morning feeds, who offer me ideas and suggestions when I am struggling with something, and share my excitement when milestones pass.

I've signed my Mum up - she only follows me, but it means she gets regular updates on my life. She even shows the pics to my 95 year old grandmother. Can you imagine what Instagram must be like to someone who has lived the last 95 years? She is fascinated by the comments, wanting to know who the people are, where they live, and how I 'know' them.

In short, it's changed my life. For the better. Do you use Instagram? Find me under the username makinglimecello

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about IG. Whilst I can't claim it got me pregnant, my IG friends (in particular you and C) were such an amazing support when the girls were in hospital. Like you as well I think my online friends know me better than my real life friends. Hard to believe - but I guess we all crave community even in a virtual way. And BTW you guys would be most welcome at the hut any time! Good to see you blogging again. Xxx


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