Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Morning in Winter

At my place, looks like this...

Husband reading the (delivered, the old owners forgot to cancel their subscription!) newspapers, dog/rat/cat/bunny/seahorse (as she's known) hanging around, and making sure she is in 'the middle (between us...always!), and me enjoying the view!

You can see here our white floors, painted walls, plantation shutters and somewhat colourful accessories. Considering this room used to look like this (from a slightly different spot!),

we are very happy with the result.

We are hoping to replace the light with a chandelier at some stage, but the white drum is a good temporary solution!

I can also finally show an 'after' of our new wall, plastered and painted (the floors still need to be done, obvioulsy!)

Remember the before, urgh...such a dark space, with no visability from/to the kitchen and that walk in pantry, which was wasted in a house this small!

And the after (though, due to the rain I am standing inside those doors for the after, and have cut out most of the loungeroom!)

Though, with the kitchen in its current state, I'm not sure how keen I am on the viability - check out the missing kickboards along the bottom. Not a good look!


  1. Oh wow, it looks amazing Rosie. What color white(s) did you use in your interior? What else do you have planned?

  2. Thats Rosie. I love Natural White. Its pretty much my pic. We had a color consultant out, and her recommendations were too creamy for me, Vivid white is too white for my husband I think, so the middle ground seems to be Natural White. I love your drum ceiling shades. What do you have planned next?

  3. Oh there is so much to do! There is still a lot to finish from the wall being moved, so thats pretty high on the agenda. We are also talking about moving a door, this week! Its never ending!

  4. That is so cool! It just occurred to me that your room with its white floors looks like a shot out of real living magazine.

  5. Your renovation is looking fabulous - love the white floors and the red chairs! Leigh

  6. I love my little fur-niece too! Rapt that you're back updading your blog xx


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