Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The making of an entryway

I love entryways. I love hallstands, and welcoming spaces, and homey touches, like hooks with scarves on them, and a place to sit while putting on your shoes.

An entryway was something we did not have in our last home - see that door there, not even 1 foot from the sofa - THAT was our front door!

So I was super excited when we moved to a house with a hallway and an entryway. Unfortunately, the said entryway has no walls - they all have doors on them, and is not wide enough for a hallstand. Boo!

Also missing is a few walls is our living room. Major dilemma - the main entryway to our living room is off the hallway, through double doors, that lead you straight into the back of our sofa! (yes I should draw you a floorplan...and I will...soon!)

Solution - close up the double doors, gain a wall for our sofa to live on, and move the door just a little further down the hall, so you walk into the side of our living room. There are so many benefits.

But I had to run it past our trusted advisors - first, my Dad, a builder for about 30 years, who was well known for his talents in making spaces work!, and Jeni, a close friend - also my Dad's partner - a seriously talented draftsperson (just ask Steve and Jules - my brother and sister in law!) and interior designer who totally 'gets' what we want to achieve.

Last night they gave us the tick of approval for our plans, and moving forward, we will be calling builder next week for a quote! And hence, my excitement about entry-ways. I can see it already - large white cabinet with mirrored front, a dark stained, turned wood stool, a hall runner...and a chandelier! I feel a mood board coming on!


  1. Oh I want to see plans and a mood board! Your entrance idea sound great!

    In our entrance you are fronted by two doubled doors that lead into a linen press. So not sexy! We're going to put a wall over those doors (and enter through the other side for storage) so we can have a......hall stand! Yay.... Love hall stands.

  2. Hey! I hear you!

    Have you seen the "brooklyn limestone" for design help?

    she is helping me with my living room where our front door comes right into the sofa!

    best of luck!

  3. How exciting! I would love to see a moodboard and am especially interested in your chandelier you choose. I have to live vicariously through you since we can't have an entry chandelier due to the low ceilings there and it is all one room with our main floor (kitchen, diningroom). Too bad cause I have a serious obsession with light fixtures and our house already looks like a light shop!


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