Sunday, September 13, 2009

Entryway moodboard

Here it is!

The moodboard for our entry way and hallway. Let me give you a little rundown.

Obviously, the walls are white, as are the floors.

The white cabinet is instead of a hallstand. I will get one eventually, but we already have this cabinet, and its not getting used. Plus it will add storage that will be lost when we halve the hall cupboard to become doors.

The turned wooden stool will give me somewhere to sit while I tie my shoelaces, and will sit under a little green frame which holds the brooch from my wedding dress. A little sparkle sparkle, and a happy memory too.

I have wanted this hanging rack for quite some time now, and despite the cost, my husband agrees. Its a special 'piece' that we would have for years to come, and gives people such a lovely sentiment when they walk in the door. Above it (if there is room!) I will hang this round mirror, with a mirrored frame - the perfect piece to reflect the light from the chandelier! This may not be the exact chandelier I use - it may hang a little low - but something like this would be so nice!

Our hall cupboard door will be a nice panelled one, with a crystal handle (and I haven't shown them here, but we will have glass french doors, next to the cupboard, also off this hallway, leading to the loungeroom)

The large picture is my husband and I on our wedding day. My wonderful sister and brother in law had this pic enlarged and printed on a canvas for us as a wedding gift. Its quite big (about 50 x 70 cm), and will go right at the end of the hallway, so its not too confronting! The framed pics are ones I am gathering at the moment of family over the years - my sister and I as toddlers, my grandparents on their first weekend away together, etc. Not sure yet whether to frame them in black, or a dark stained wood - which would tie in nicely with the wooden stool.

I love the grey rug with the circles (have you noticed a bit of a 'circle-y theme here?), as the 3 bedrooms which run off this hallway will be carpeted in charcoal, and the bathroom will likely have charcoal floor tiles too, so it ties in, but the circles break it up (or I might just get the green one, and never mind it matching anything else!)

So this is the hallway in my mind..Perhaps its time to start on the construction!


  1. Darool! I love those stools!!! Do you have a good supplier for crystal door knobs Rosie? Are they super expensive?
    Your entry plans look great, so elegant. That wedding photo is gorgeous, so stylish and depict of you and your husbands style.

  2. I want mood boards too..,we will have to get on to them when we're back from holidays and after the wedding :)

  3. A great mood board! I love the white cabinet instead of a hall stand. I say keep it, as it is different! Looking forward to seeing the fabulous, finished entry way... no pressure! A-M xx

  4. Jules, as soon as you are back, we will cut and paste to our hearts content! So excited!

  5. It's going to be a fabulous entry and hallway. I love the black stool you've chosen and everything else. Can we have photos please when you've finished? Leigh

  6. Sounds B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U_L!!! I love the moodboard. All the greys and whites are so pretty! I can't wait to see the final product! Keep us posted with updates :)

  7. Rosie, I've loved that hanging rack forever too! It's on my wish list.

    Can't wait to see your entryway! xx

  8. I love that rug! I have been contemplating a rug for our hallway (as opposed to the left over carpet square that is currently there). Care to share where you found it?

  9. My favorite moodboard in recent memory! I'm serious, your entryway plans had me at that stunning chandelier. Or the runner. Or the photo gallery. Wait, ALL of it. Can't wait to see it come together, Rosie!!


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