Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lovely New Blogs

Via Ada and Darcy , I have just found 2 (new to me) gorgeous blogs! Chek and Life at Number 10 are both great reads, full of pretty pictures and inspiration!

And while I am talking about other blogs, please head over to Pottering About, for pics of Rose's latest quilt...which I ADORE! It is gorgeous!!!

Hopefully some pics of our reno's to come soon - walls and ceiling are painted, first coat is down on the floors, and maybe some trims will get done this weekend!


  1. I love Lesley's blog I've been following it for some time now, she's a fellow Melbournian. Off to check out the others now! I cant wait to see your reno pics!

  2. Thank you for the mention, your blog is lovely too, adding to my blogroll and off to read what I've been missing :)

  3. I love finding new blogs! I follow a lot of blogs, majority of links I have clicked on from a few people, and they suggest people. It's an awesome way of seeing different things!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Rosie, it was lovely to meet you over at Number 10. Hope you can drop by again soon.
    I'll be putting you in the draw for the giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned, you never know your luck

    PS Rose and Cyma's blogs are pretty awesome too.

  5. Yes they are two of my favourites!! x


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