Thursday, January 28, 2010

More excitement

Our sofas, with their new white slip covers, are being delivered back to us on Saturday afternoon!
The light for the dining area is being picked up on Friday afternoon, and we are hoping to get the walls of the dining room painted dark charcoal before the sofas get back...wet charcoal paint and white sofas are a scary combination...but dry charcoal paint and white sofas? TO DIE FOR (I hope!)!


  1. Oh how exciting! I cant wait to see it. I rang Janice Rosie, she came and did an in house quote on a few of my things. My hubbie actually got her to road test the fabric I had chosen, for the dining slip covers, with beetroot! Ha!

  2. Ooh - you are going to share pictures right? Can't wait.

    I would LOVE white slipcovers (although would want different shaped sofas to what we have). But not practical with a black cat, labrador and two boys... boohoo.

  3. I hope to see a fabulous picture!! x


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