Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some 'almost' afters

So, we didn't get quite as much done as we had planned, but still, there have been a few changes around here! Hopefully the new light will go up this week, and we will pick up some shelves for that empty wall in the dining room, but it's coming along!

Here we go...piccies! I take terrible pictures, it's something I really need to work on (I like to blame our camera, but really, it's just me!)

This is the pic from the internet listing of the lounge/dining room - it doesn't look too bad, but the living room was quite small, and the colours weren't right - and the kitchen was hidden away behind a door! The wall with the picture on the right has moved back about 2 feet, and also has a cut out through to the kitchen.

And now - our new white sofas (or one of them!), charcoal dining room - see how perfectly the colour matches our dog!

My husband won't be thrilled about this pic, but it's a 'mid-way' picture, taken last Winter.

We love the effect of the white shutters against the new dark colour! It also helps define the dining area from the living room. The light will be fantastic against this colour too!

This is another real estate picture. It doesn't look too bad either, but the benchtops were sticky...ew... the paint was quite grubby, and check out that lino! The tiling was atrocious and there was nowhere for the microwave! had no character. We removed the return with the stools under it, replaced it with a cabinet, and added an island that we already had! We made a feature of a the bulkhead (which we hated, but won't come down until we do a complete kitchen make-over) by painting it in blackboard paint. I change the quote about once a month though!

The splashback needs to be painted again (they mixed the paint with the wrong base, so it will be a little darker, and the brackets will be painted too, and we need to add some trim along the top, but it's definately an improvement. You can't really see the limewashed benchtops here either, but they are great!


  1. Wow it looks really good but I seriously love the kitchen "after" pics!

  2. I love your shutters - and you are right, thye look great against the new wall colour in the dining area.

    Great work!

    I love your table - it's tempting me to pull out my parents old round table and give it a coat of white paint and put it on our deck. Wonder if it would last if it got a little wet? hmmm

  3. Oh you've given the place so much more personality, especially in the kitchen (love the black board trim)! The slip covers on the couch look fantastic. I love your mix matched dining chairs....and that blue lamp - darool! The grey looks brilliant against the shutters, you must be thrilled!

  4. It looks beautiful. So stylish. Well done!! x

  5. Looking good, looking good! You know I love me some grey and white!

  6. so, so great! love the greys and the white floors (did you paint? how they holding up?!) and so jealous of your shutters. great job! x

  7. I heart you! thanks for posting photos of your dark rooms with white floors and trim. I've been debating with my husband on painting the floors or not and wasn't sure if white would go well with my dark walls.

    After seeing your photos, I think it'll look lovely!!!

  8. I looooove your grey dining room! And your kitchen has so much more character now - great job!

  9. The kitchen looks fabulous (as does everything else) - it's hard to believe it's the same room. Leigh

  10. Love the white shutters - they stand out so well against the walls. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I look forward to seeing the progress of your lovely home too x

  11. wow, fabulous reno, I LOVE what you have done with your kitchen, totally transformed, how clever you are!! And I especially LOVE the chalk board idea. I LOVE chalk boards.... Jane


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