Friday, April 22, 2011

Front hallway

Way back, ages ago, I showed a moodboard for our front hallway. My wonderful Dad did all the work, as planned, and I have decorated it and redecorated over time, and this morning, I switched a few things around...again! I love this version, as it has a few significant touches.
in case you had forgotten - I am still learning to take decent photos. Judging by this photo, I still have a lot to learn!I painted the stripes ages ago...early last year I think, and I just love them. The cabinet is as planned, and stores our CD collection, board games and Molly's leash. The large empty frame has been sitting in the door to our spare room all week, and it adds some dimension here. The gold framed certificate is my husband's graduation certificate (Manufacturing Systems Engineering = nerd burger!), and I love the way the gold warms up the space. The morrocan lantern has been everywhere in this house, but this has been its longest standing location. We light candles in it which are always the last ones we blow out before bed. The light shade is this one and we have a matching one at the other end. I love the casual feel they add to the hallway - I think the chandeliers I originally wanted would have been too fancy for this house. The rug hides everything, and the little trunk with my handbag on it (which just happen to match the whole scene perfectly!) was my Mum's knitting box and sat in the living room of the house I grew up in for years. She just gave it to me recently, and I will love seeing it every time I walk in the front door.
The timber statue (can you see it against the dark stripe) was a wedding gift, and the yellow-y thing in front of it is actually the original light shade from when our house was built. They are too precious to throw away (I have a green one also!), because they are part of our homes history.
I took this photo sitting on our bed ( I am actually loving the unpainted, unstained, untreated timber of the doors we had installed as part of our major renovation recently. I am considering leaving them this way!) and you can see how well the stripes work with our dark charcoal carpet.


  1. Love it, the stripes the white cabinet the whole combination. Well styled. G

  2. Great space. The stripes are fantastic. Definitely get back to blogging, because I want to see more!!


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